About the Minister

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I am Mathew Anderson or better known in the wedding world as The Vow Guy! I own the small business Weddings by Mathew, and officiate weddings throughout America, is some of the most majestic places out there. While every wedding is different, the love is always the same, that’s what marriage is all about. Whether in a living room, helicopter, or resort, I will make sure your wedding ceremony is perfect! Thank you for checking out my site, now, let’s get you married!


The Vow Guy

One thought on “About the Minister

  1. Mat was very open minded, our wedding was themed. Supernatural and a twist of walking dead, with a surprise host…Yes. Mat as Michael Myers, everything went great! Mat talked about marriage with us not to us, which was cool. Mat also didn’t beat us with the bible, but taught us things and suggested ideas. Could not have asked for more. Thanks Mat!

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