The Book

In August of 2018, Mathew became a published author. While on a fascinating journey of officiating weddings, he got the bright idea to record his weddings in a journal, which eventually ended up in book form! The Nifty Fifty for Shits & Giggles A Wedding Officiant’s Memoir, is a book of short stories about Mathew’s first fifty weddings and how he grew with each one. You can purchase a copy of the book at one of the links provided below on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Books A Million.

“The name of the book came natural for me, as many people did not believe I would book this many weddings and I was doing this for the shits and giggles, hence the name of the book. This is one of the greatest accomplishments in my wedding career and I hope all my readers enjoy the book as well. I am currently working on a follow up to The Nifty Fifty and should be published in 2019.”
-The Vow Guy